The 9 Divines were a creation of Gnome Father Ithis after he decided he needed warriors to do his evil bidding. He created 9 gods and goddesses with the intent of each fullfilling a specific role in evil warrioring. He created Gnome Divine Nomeag-Bal with the intention of him leading lesser troops, Gnome Divine Ina with the intention of her commanding armies spread across the universe, Gnome Divine Iyrite with the intention of him sabatoging enemy weapons and other items, Gnome Divine Ekturnal with the intention of him forging weapons for the troops, Gnome Divine Arkay with the intention of him forging armor for troops, Gnome Divine Mareaminah with the intention of her infiltrating enemy bases for plans, weapon schematics, etc, Gnome Divine Vuine with the intention of him creating battle plans (unwillingly making him the weakest of the vital gods), Gnome Divine Ehrunes it the intention of him using ranged weapons were close-combat was too risky, Gnome Divine Emzura as a messenger, so enemy factions could surrender. However, Ina, Arkay, and Iyrite defacted and converted to good, as they felt this was better. Emzura didn't go with, but felt that evil was not to his liking, either. So, he became neutral, bringing the entire idea of neutrality into existence. The rest of the Divines stayed true to their master, being evil. Before any defaction, Ithis decreed that each Divine would make a sacred artifact. Nomeag-Bal created the Shield of Drephala, Ina created the Scepter of Heralding, Iyrite created the Plate of Diminishing, Ekturnal created the Sword of Baynealine, Arkay created the Helmet of Life, Mareaminah created the Lockpick of Entering, Vuine created the Book of Tactics, Ehrunes created the Bow of the Sky, and Emzura created the Boots of the Letter. Each artifact had magical powers, and Ithis said they would be used to serve a greater purpose in the future.

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