Gnome Bitesled is Gnome Chompski's older brother. He, along with his sister, Gnome Crunchboard, despise Chompski. They felt that the two of them was enough, so they played mean and hateful tricks on Chompski. The pranks included freezing pudding inside Chompski's hat and beating him with it, making an odd contraption to trick Chompski into believing he was having contraptions before Gnome Birth, and hiding a little bird in his lunch, having him eat it, then telling him about it so he would throw up and feel sad.

  • After Chompski defeated Gnome Master Chewtoboggan, Bitesled and his sister tricked Chompski into believing that they would bring their weakened father to the dungeon, but gnome-knapped him and threw him in the dungeon instead.