Gnome Father Ithis is was an ancient Gnome God who was the first recorded being of evil. After conquering a few worlds created by his arch-rival, Gnome Count Epicaz, he decided he needed warriors to do his bidding. So, he created the 9 Divines to fullfill this role. Some were born to do their master's bidding, such as Gnome Divine Nomeag-Bal and Gnome Divine Ekturnal. Others, notably Gnome Divine Ina, chose to disobey their masters and go down the better path. Ithis didn't believe females could be warriors, but decided to test this idea out, making 2 Divines female. In total, 5 Divines followed their master, and 3 Divines created a resistance force to combat them, while the last Divine, Gnome Divine Emzura chose to remain nuetral, sometimes acting as a messenger between the two factions.

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