Gnome Goddess Gnomerica was the first Gnome goddess ever born. Before her, Gnome Gods were only males. Her birth was a milestone in Gnome history. Before a party with all other gods and goddesses of all other races, such as the Gnomedra, Weregnomes, and Gnomeanata, she invited the first gnome ever. He was fairly rude. The last straw was when he asked for another biscuit after having had eight already. So, as not to appear weak in front of the other Gods and Goddesses and have her position revoked, she cursed the Gnome species. If a Gnome ever set foot on Earth, they would become statue-like. She predicted, however, one day a Gnome would go to Earth and be perfectly fine.


  • This Gnome turned out to be Gnome Chompski. He was exiled to Earth, but was albe to move for a short while.