Gnome Infinium Bermeaus Gnora (In-fin-yoo-um-Ber-mee-us-More-ah) was a being of immense knowledge. It's section of the universe was a huge library, called the Oghama Infinium, from which he derives his title. One particular book, The Sanguine Petal, held the birth and death dates of every being of the universe ever to be created, but somehow only appearing as a thin book. This was done by not having words, but to have knowledge swept into the readers brain when the book is opened. Bermeaus Gnora knew almost everything there was to know in the universe. The few facts that eluded him were of Gnome Overlord Gasperian's birth and life. All he knew about him was that he had created everything there is in the universe. Unlike most other Gnome Gods, Gnora chooses no real form, instead appearing as an amorphous blob in any records.

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