Gnome Master Chewtoboggan is Gnome Chompski's father. He lost his wife giving birth to Gnome Chompski. Because of this, Chewtoboggan is somewhat uninetentionally, but mostly purposely, emotionally distant. He also chose not to believe that Chompski's siblings played tricks on him, even though, deep down, he knew Chompski was telling the truth.

  • Chewtoboggan hated humans. He thought they had something to do with the curse that Gnomes had if they set foot on Earth. So, he created a virus to turn them into insane, bloodthirsty monsters so they could kill eachother. He decided to try to get Chompski back on his side by showing him this, but Chompski had developed a love for humans, so an epic fight ensued, so epic any human that happened to look up would have a headache for the next few hours. Chompski won, but because of a cunning trick by Chewtoboggan's children, Chompski was imprisoned. Years later, Chewtoboggan decided to exile Chompski, as he was planning to release his virus, and didn't want Chompski to interfere with it. Not long after Chompski was sent down to Earth, he released the virus.